Morningside Window Restoration Project

A recent job undertaken by Edinburgh Painters and Decorators was the restoration of some street facing windows in Morningside, Edinburgh.

After years of neglect these windows were in a really bad state. Most of  putty that holds the glass pane in its place, had either perished or was simply gone. And the mortar, which is what connects the window to the actual frame of the window, also needed to be dug out and replaced.

Mastic sealant, more commonly called mortar (sand and cement) which holds the window frame was used to restore the Ingoes to their original condition.

The original paint needed to be fully stripped off and this was achieved by burning it off with a blowtorch. With windows in this condition, they required a 100% burn off.

Then, preservative which is an oil was applied and left overnight to seep into the wood.

Finally, on the next day two coats of primers were applied to the windows, an undercoat and then the final gloss were applied.

The windows and sills looked great when finished, properly restored and ready to handle many a Scottish winter & summer to come.